Stories of the Western Door

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  • Oak Street Specter

    Oak Street Specter

    It was June of 1905 when sighting of a morphic creature were reported in a gulf of Oak Street Batavia NY. It was difficult to pin-point exactly what the animal could be as it was constantly changing shape. It reveled itself to walkers and carriage riders. When people had tried to attack the creature with…

  • Pigman


    Pigman my be the the most well known story in Western NY. This story begins with a tragic train crash known as the Angola Horror (1867) A train derailed in Angola NY killing 50 passengers. There is rumor that this crashed was caused by a local family by accident. This family was known as the…

  • Lockport Imp

    Lockport Imp

    It was December of 1867 at the home of tailor William Schaak where he was bothered by an unknown creature. Throughout that day he was perturbed my a creature with a elusive destructive temperament. Some compared the imp like creature to that of a familiar. A satanic-servant assigned to new-pledged witches to serve them as…

  • Incident of 1920

    Incident of 1920

    In the quiet town of North Tonawanda the peace was interrupted by a strange apparition. For days the citizens were crazed by what could only be described as a flying ghostly scarecrow. Reports of this giant humanoid state that in the 1920s it had stopped traffic completely. The scarecrow was said to have been seen…

  • High HAT

    High HAT

    Throughout the territory of the Allegany Seneca Reservation a beast like figure by the name High Hat roams. A marsh-dwelling cannibal with a mouth full of razer sharp teeth and feverish need to eat children. The Seneca’s called him “High Hat” because he would wear a stovepipe hat that reminded people of Abraham Lincoln. From…

  • Leaping Looper

    Leaping Looper

    In October 1870 Livingston County experience experienced sightings of a bipedal creature. This creature bears a striking resemblance to the well known bigfoot. However, it was reported that this creature had a combination of different animal characteristics such as hopping like a kangaroo and fighting like a bear. Altered-Animal Form apparitions have been seen for…

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