Incident of 1920

In the quiet town of North Tonawanda the peace was interrupted by a strange apparition. For days the citizens were crazed by what could only be described as a flying ghostly scarecrow. Reports of this giant humanoid state that in the 1920s it had stopped traffic completely. The scarecrow was said to have been seen by many witnesses including a policeman. Over the next 10 days it continued to appear. A bicycle club became insistent on putting an end to the hovering menace. However, when the creature was cornered by the club it then flew straight into the air then disappearing before their very eyes.

People tried to create theory’s for the apparition. Claiming that it was Western New York’s very own Moth Man. Some stick the story of it being a scarecrow while others claim to have seen it in Native American Headdress. Either way this instance had shocked the people of the region and the only questions left are what was it and will it return.






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